Episode 298

Episode #298: Edwin Kwan: Ubiquiti User Accounts Suffer Data Breach; Katy Craig: Xfinity Acknowledges 36 Million Customer Accounts Breached; Hillary Coover: L.L. Bean's Surprising Stance on Data Privacy; Marcel Brown: This Day in Tech History

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The stories we’re covering today.

Marcel Brown: December 20th, 1996. In a surprise move at the time, Apple Computer announces their intention to purchase Steve Jobs' company, NeXT, and bring Steve Jobs on board as an advisor to CEO Gil Amelio. Along with the leadership of future CEO Steve Jobs, the resurgence of Apple in the 2000s, and the emergence of the new world of technology can be traced back to this major event in technology history.

Hillary Coover: In Maine's data privacy debate, L.L. Bean has surprisingly aligned with global tech giants, highlighting the power of local national business alliances in shaping legislation. This unusual alliance between a family-owned retailer and tech giants illustrates the complexity of the national data privacy law debate, primarily occurring at the state level.

Edwin Kwan: Ubiquiti users were reporting last week that they were seeing other people's notification and had access to their devices. The incident was first reported on Reddit, where a user received a notification from UniFi ProTech, including an image from someone else's security camera.

Katy Craig: Today we're discussing a significant cyber security incident. Xfinity has recently experienced a major data breach, potentially impacting around 36 million customers . Compromised data includes usernames, hashed passwords, the last four digits of social security numbers, security questions, birthdates, and contact details.

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