Episode 296

Episode #296: Edwin Kwan: 38% of Apps Still Exposed to Log4J Vulnerability; Katy Craig: Is My Phone Spying on Me?; Hillary Coover: Foreign Geographic Software Poses National Security Threats; Marcel Brown: This Day in Tech History

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The stories we’re covering today.

Marcel Brown: December 17th, 1903. Orville and Wilbur Wright make their famous first controlled and sustained flights with a heavier than air, powered aircraft. Orville made the very first flight, which lasted about 12 seconds.

Edwin Kwan: It's been almost three years since the critical Log4j vulnerability was disclosed. Despite patches being available shortly after vulnerability disclosure, many organizations persistently use vulnerable versions. There are still approximately 38% of applications using vulnerable versions of the Apache Log4j library.

Hillary Coover: China raised concerns about the potential compromise of sensitive data, particularly in crucial sectors like the military, due to the use of foreign geographic information software. The Ministry of State Security has urged security departments to conduct thorough investigations to prevent further breaches.

Katy Craig: A marketing company, CMG Local Solutions, recently claimed it could access people's private conversations through their device microphones for targeted advertising. This claim raises some serious red flags.

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