Special Report: POV Friday - Four Opinions on the EU AI Act.

From Sourced Network Productions, It's 5:05!, the Podcast , with a special report on the EU AI Act. It’s Point of View Friday, featuring Trac Bannon, Katy Craig, Shannon Leitz, and Olimpiu Pop, with their perspectives on the release of the EU AI Act. We’ll start with Katy Craig.

Katy Craig: Today, we’re diving into a significant milestone in AI regulation: the European Union’s recent passing of the AI Act. This legislation is set to shape how AI is used across industries, but it also raises questions about potential, unintended consequences.

Trac Bannon: The EU is taking the global lead when it comes to AI governance. In the US, there are many discussions and hearings happening about AI policy at different levels of the government, but nothing cohesive and nothing comprehensive.

Shannon Lietz: It’s an interesting time to be looking at AI, using AI, and trying to make sense of what it could mean for you. The question is, which use cases is it most well suited for? And are the producers of AI capabilities such as OpenAI and its competitors actually looking at which use cases should be allowed? Which ones are allowed to be adopted?

Olimpiu Pop: The EU AI Act, with all its ups and downs, is the first one in the world, and it will be the baseline. Can the slow legislative apparatus keep pace with the lightning speed of AI tech space?

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